miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010


yes people. trying to give a serious shape to all this complete beauty that surrounds me and that comes from photography. all i can say is that all must be finished in a couple of days to see if can finally get deep into a theme that has been a passion for quite long. and when i mean deep is like really into it.
on the other hand, there is:
-another fashion shooting coming soon. we were on the locations and are simple and powerful. really nice.
-the "quiet is the new loud" fashion editorial we did with detlef will also be published i think next month. i will post it complete in the upcoming days because is really special.
-i still have to sit down and do the edition of the pics and give a visual shape to notebooks of the prague adventure for a magazine asap.
-a new project of an exhibition.
-time flies in munchen.
listening to "i feel it all" remix of daniel britt for feist

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