domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

prague burlesque- visual advance

i havent taken photos with black and white film in such a long time. fortunately i took some b&w film for the burlesque girls show in prague to do this coming up thing/reportage for calle 20. and if i tell you that was on of the most surreal nites of my life surrounded by all the girls, detlef, steve and people that looked as if they had just jumped out of one of the movie screens where they were projecting films from the 50´s you wouldnt probably believe me. but it was like "the purple rose of cairo" from woody allen sort of feeling. and the black and white was just perfect to portrait this legendary-glamorous-beauty that the girls had. these are some picks that wouldnt mind blowing up to a huge size and have them covering one huge white wall. i hope you like them.
still this week we will do the edition and write it, send it and so that we can go on and start with paris. ;)

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