miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

coming up in VOLTA: Matt, from Gamsei, our favorite Mixologist! yeah!

Im so excited about the story that we are getting ready on VOLTA featuring GAMSEI, THE cocktail bar in München and the amazing photos that our beloved Jann Averwerser did from Matt and his lads!YES! Im so in love with this! SOON!  photo Unbenannt-1-2_zps3fd27b68.jpg

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

paris_avec les garçons_

siempre nos quedará paris. y lo que se vive en el camino.  photo 379355b7-756d-4097-8521-bf68e4ac4683_zps537848bb.jpg photo a1_Bild000_NegNr1_zps1d55cb37.jpg  photo a1_Bild005_NegNr6_zpscdbb2c41.jpg  photo a1_Bild033_NegNr33A_zps1310db1c.jpg  photo a1_Bild006_NegNr6A_zpsd8a892e8.jpg photo a17d6aa7-8c6e-45e5-9cb2-3d80a05412c9_zpsadb76877.jpg photo a1_Bild012_NegNr13_zps114d0e5d.jpg  photo Bild025_NegNr26_zps657266a1.jpg photo f92095b1-aa72-453c-9464-7ea916e9cab7_zpsd2581fbe.jpg photo 183a73b6-63ad-4401-9cd8-c2e2deabcd78_zpsf29d5d69.jpg photo Bild002_NegNr3_zps5b926952.jpg photo 27e71de9-2a0a-4282-90be-dbeee7c44da0_zps283ffab7.jpg  photo 2bcddd9d-33ba-4f67-bb9b-1c4cfcb4f662_zpsa01ba8f3.jpg

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