miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

spots in münchen: englischer garten

that was a foggy day im munchen town and i love this special fog that starts in the fields of the englischer garten. now we have snow. like a snow-white-fairy-tale-sort-of-movie. when you step with your feet on the snow after the snow is gone, you get all this ice that makes your shoes slide quite a bit. this crunch cruccnhch noise that follow your steps all the way around until you get home and your black high top sneakears are between black and white with all this white powder that is so cool when you go to the mountains. i cant bear the heat. lows down my pressure extremely, there is no way to get rid of it. with the cold is a bit another story. layers and layers of socks and pants and pullies and hut and gloves and you sort of can beat the at least -5 every day. now, about this pic, this is another of my favs spots in munchen, the englischer garten, an amazing park bigger than the central park of ny where everybody come to hang out in summer/spring, beautiful. they keep everything exactly as how it was originaly designed, back in 1789 by Sir Benjamin Thompson, a complete romantic fantasy: plants and trees and flowers and fields and lakes and swans and ducks and bier gartens.

listening to the nouvelles vague version of visage´s fade to grey. it fits perfectly with this overwhelming sensation you get riding the fields with the bike when is full of this fog.

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