martes, 5 de enero de 2010


maya is moving to paris because she got a residency there to keep up working with her art. this are some pics from the very beginning of the farewell that was arranged in madrid for her, which also happened to be the same night as my b-day so we all ended up having a crazy party at the studio from the biografica boys, in malasana. sorry the delay of this pics but is one of the things of working with film.
madrid. paris. munchen. the connection expands but i must say that i love having friends living in paris. is a great city to wake up late on a sunday have a quick shower-coffee, leave the studio by the Palais de la Bourse that some fashion magazine photographer have lent to your friend while he is abroad doing photos and go out to have a nice brunch full of those beautiful jams/cheese they have over there.
mmmm. paris. nice. it brings me really nice memoires.

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