lunes, 30 de julio de 2007

beauty/ belleza

mío mío mío. la imagen y el tiempo. que no existe.

lunes, 23 de julio de 2007

male bontempi, chinita illustrator

aquí está male, argentinian illustrator. my aunt sent her to me when she travelled to madrid. we are really good friends. charlie´s angels on the run!

jueves, 19 de julio de 2007

art noveau

keina, the biggest support/keina, el mayor apoyo

here is keina. our manager. el mejor apoyo que he encontrado.
the best support i´ve found. she is also with delorean, the best spanish band at the moment. we started working together before we did our last album.
es la bomba. pure energy and with ana, the best team i´ve found in spain!
millones de gracias!!!!! ;)

on tour/hotel room

waiting hours at festivals or gigs.
empty hotel rooms that look like this when i get in to get changed. there is a lot of solitude. and empty hours to discover where the fuck you will be playing that nite.
i always love to travel with my people. lovers. boyfriends. friends. to share all this.

martes, 17 de julio de 2007

the underground parties

i grew up going to raves/parties we organize whenever we have the chance to do it. started djing with my friends´ records like paul smith. until i started to buy some of them...never had money to do it. but there was always fun.
here is paul in one of our parties. so i kinda get bored when things are too perfect. i love when they keep themselves pure and fun.

ana is back in madrid

ana is a friend of mine. a great agitadora cultural. she is back in town after living in lisboa. she is now directing masters of graphic design. we were talking yesterday about finding the right people for a phd. of "graphic design & music". i felt excited with the idea. many parties to come, good exhibitions and things that we can start putting up together. after a few beers and all the things we were talking about my head felt like an aspirin . efervescente. with many bubbles and ideas running through my brain. i love that sensation.

i talked with steve morell from berlin yesterday. he is another full of energy person. i must digest the conversation though, and of course, go to berlin in august. can´t wait.
all is full of music and i can´t wait to send the stuff to get the scandals remix.

so the day was excellent.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2007

little rock

i miss going to the u.s. to see my friends. -many of them living in little rock and n.y-
the live show from the band "the gossip" brought me back all the energy from the music over there. wild parties filled up with kids that could play and had the groove without any style imposition. anyway.
here is paul. from the flowers of romance. a great rock & roll poet.
i miss you paul.

hopefully next time i get to make it all the way to frisco. mmmm.

vacaciones. would love to go back....

viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

londonboy from standard

adoro a standard, los chicos de bilbao más guapos que hay ahora tocando por españa. hemos compartido bolos, farras, canciones en el escenario. los adoro. lamento la última que nos juntamos y me tuve que ir al hotel y acabar vomitando del desfase. quiero un nuevo femme & standard pronto. nos lo pasamos fenomenal juntos.

i love standard, the hottest boys from bilbao that you can see now playing around spain. we have shared gigs, parties, songs on stage- waiting for...-. i love them. i feel sorry for the last time we got together and had to head to the hotel and ended up puking from the excess. i want another femme & standard soon. we have a great time together.

ícaro, escultor

belleza de persona:
icaro maiterena. escultor que hizo el molde que usamos para el video "berlin".
kindness of a person:
ícaro maiterena. sculptor who made the figure -copy of my body- for the clip "berlin".

jueves, 12 de julio de 2007

images that i like/imágenes que me gustan

absurdas y totalmente vacías pero con estética chula. like this.
totally empty spaces. but with a nice look. like this.

si son de los 50`s ya me muero de placer.
if they are from the 50´s, i´m done. 70´s are very cool on arquitecture.

ff & franz ferdinand

después de tocar con franz ferdinand y delorean, los chicos vinieron a mi habitación de hotel. y sí, alex kapranos es muy educado, seductor y viste fenomenal. mucha clase.
after playing with franz ferdinand and delorean the lads came to my room like this. and yes, alex kapranos is very polite, seductor y dresses with great style. lots of class.

mar y música/sea and music

águilas, murcia. 2007.

...getting ready for the puerto lumbreras´ festival.
great food, the sea, and a spectacular view from diego´s house.
we like it like this! you should join us to go and play our next show!

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2007


y si supuestamente tenemos que hablar de música ¿por qué no hay fotos coñazo de conciertos? pues porque son más de lo mismo. no quiero enseñar todo el tema de los directos, topicazos varios sobre la música y el rock y la electrónica y chorradas. intentaré mantener ésto como un espacio abierto a mostrar lo que para nosotros significa estar de gira, componer, disfrutar más o menos. e intentar que no resulte aburrido...y que conozcaís a la gente que hace que todo ésto tenga sentido, aparte de que me cura todos los males y que es la mejor medicina para el espíritu.

Pues éso.

this won´t be a typical blog about music with all the pictures of the shows we have given. like live shows and all those topics about music and rock and electronic and bullshit. i will try to keep this as an open space to show you what means for us to be on tour, on the road, write songs, enjoy all this more or less. and just try to make it everything but boring. as well to introduce you to the people that makes all this crazy adventure to have some sense, apart from the fact that music takes all the pains away and is the best medicine for the spirit.

That´s it.

...and because we all like to be voyeurs. more or less.

martes, 10 de julio de 2007

music is my life

amaya, hermana, compinche y amiga!

qué se puede decir cuando alguien que no es de tu familia, se convierte en tu familia?
what can you say when anybody that is not from your family becomes your family?


rikard y sus dibujos/rikard and his draws

os presento a mr. bjorkdahl, el mejor artista/dibujante que he conocido en mi ciudad.
está a punto de publicar un libro...y cuando haga un update de su web os paso el link.
sus dibujos son fucking

here is mr. rikard bjorkdahl. the best artist in town. his first book is almost ready...for the website, check up on the link...or maybe is better if he just posts some of his stuff in here. we will all apreciatte it!


pablo and a great gift/pablo y un regalo maravilloso

una remix de jennifer cardini y shonky en el sello crosstownrebels
es el mejor dj de mi ciudad. lo adoro.
a remix by jennifer cardini & shonky for crosstownrebels rec.
he is the best dj in town. i adore him.

new order vs. hogar castelo


llegó la hora.

todos y todas. bienvenidosss

time has come.

all of you. welcome.



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