martes, 31 de enero de 2012


apenas hay tiempo para escribir para descansar se acumulan un montón de cosas por terminar hacerse mayor esto es todo? sin embargo el domingo subimos a la montana a hacer snowboard pasar el día en la naturaleza y la sensación de rapidez, del vértigo combinado con el ejercicio físico, el aire frío sin que se note, las copas de los árboles llenas de nieve en la parte alemana de los alpes. el lanzarse disparada, rápida sobre la tabla, ahhhhhh poder disfrutar tanto de la velocidad espectacular de la bajada. las pistas, divertidas, con estupenda nieve de una tremenda nevada que cayó durante el fin de semana. un domingo maravilloso.
volvermos pronto seguro. lo echaba mucho de menos.

things that will last

the endless city, essay by the london school of economics
pashmina aus pakistan made by nihan´s brother in islamabad

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

we love: der zeit for publishing lina scheynius visual diaries

coming back to germany a great surprise awaits. the newspaper der zeit has decided to give, during a year starting last week, to outstanding swedish photographer lina scheynius, a page to fill up weekly with words and images that will feature her visual diary. we love lina´s work. we love her selfpublished books and we knew for a long time that her quality was completely outstanding. as well we are in love with her diaries. we are very happy that der zeit has taken this direction. congrats to lina and congrats to der zeit.
a quick peek to an old selfpublished book of lina. you can buy her 3rd one online here

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

be water my friend. birthday abroad. kuala lumpur.

with doctor june, the day of my birthday a great conversation took spontaneusly place. today is my birthday doctor june, oh, congratulations. happy birthday. nice that you are here for your birthday. yes i love being in asia. everything is so diferent and at the same time your logic has a huge bit of peace that fails completely in our western perspective.
well, you know, i just read this great article on the newspaper yesterday which unfortunately i cant make you read since is in mandarin, but it talks about how life should be seen. we should behave like water, with that consistence. water sometimes can be very brave, like a waterfall, like a rapid and water can also be very peaceful, like a lake, or like a flat ocean with no wind. therefore the consistency of our life should resemble to water, sometimes acting very bravely, sometimes on a calmed way. at the same time, the article mentioned something also important:
on the taking of decisions, we should behave like a mountain. once the decision is taken, we should be as strong and powerful as a mountain in terms of following it.
kuala lumpur was full of water.
on the top of skycrapers, at the pool at my hotel.
but also in my head,
within a second, in my room, a great calmed lake took shape in front of my eyes.
- similar to that placid lake i try to concentrate on while doing my daily meditation exercises-.
was beautiful to see it and capture it with my old beloved camera.
be like water, as doctor june said.
those words entitle centuries of wisdom.
is all about how we see things. this time i can share it.
it certanly was a beautiful b-day present from life.

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

visual diary/kl -takes 2

So when Florencia Serrot arrived after a 12-hour flight from Munich via Dubai, I could honestly assure her to relax – everything was in place. On that evening’s preliminary meeting with the local media team, at the SOULed OUTeatery inside the HSC building, the Spanish-born director got a taste of the delicious diversity of this multi-ethnic nation – Malay seafood, Chinese noodles and Indian curry.
The team members were all different by background and personal interest, yet the group élan was palpable. Producer Imee Abdul Rahman has a passion for scuba diving in the Andaman Sea. Cameraman Hor Chin just shot a documentary on an uprising that challenged British colonial rule in Malaya in the 1950s. Photographer Omar Ariff is a legendary figure among environmentalists for venturing deep into mangrove swamps and misty mountains to take close-ups of venomous snakes and giant insects bizarre enough to inhabit Pandora. Malaysia merges the ultramodern urbanity of a Hong Kong with the tropical mystique of Avatar – in short, it was an ideal locale for an article and a film.
text: Clark Shimazu

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