sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

greetings from schwabing

from my clear white zimmer
mit liebe,


ps. ya tengo un hogar. os espero.

did you know that the amazing electronic producer giorgio moroder came from munich? or that is also known as the "studio stadt" for the amount of music studios around? or that these electronic labels from germany -Disko B, Gigolo Records, Gomma, Compost- are all munich boys that hang out in really nice clubs when they are not travelling all over the globe with their projects? yesterday we had a party, the building around the corner from my house, also in schwabing, three floors of a semiabandoned block, for an exhibition and downstairs, party djs, and really cool atmosphere. it was like being in berlin without being in berlin, with a nicer coolnes touch, not so extremely-trashy-fucked-up-out-of-your-head-vibe that sometimes berlin has and munich doesnt. and i really like this scene where there are not so many gangs, bands or groups, all also mixed up with age. Everybody hanging together, posh people, art students, clubbers, hipsters, writers, artists. it doesnt matter how old you are, how you look or so, i mean if you get to know where parties like these are held it means we are all interested by the same sort of atmosphere, and thats really cool. i think munchen is really amazing. a spot that is retaking the musical actitity started by people like moroder. no kiddin´. i can smell this sort of things, and here something is taking shape that develops into a really special disco sound, which i love.

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