sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

get well soon angel

alles liebe,


little postal de agradecimiento para rosana


mil gracias por tus palabras rosana, una bella sorpresa.
las imágenes y las palabras y la luz y la ternura que puedan transmitir.
schön. lo que ves es lo que hay. y quizas me haya llevado mucho tiempo
poder abrir mi trabajo de esta forma y compartirlo así.
por eso agradezco tu sensibilidad y palabras.
me hicieron mucho bien en una semana algo extrana. millones de gracias.
como agradecimiento te dejo un pedacito de mi ciudad, tomada con la cámara de
mi bisabuelo para tí.

vielen lieben dank y besos aus münchen.


lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

nana pittaluga

y buenos aires.
y tener tiempo libre y verano en marzo.
y recoleta, y palermo, y aventuras en la ciudad más intensa y hermosa que existe en el mundo -junto al cairo, junto a bangkok-.
buenos aires y nana.
justo antes de un nuevo disco, mis días van al sur.
es tradición. como volver a casa para recargar energías.
me gusta argentina.
adoro buenos aires.
y buenos aires con nana y toda su pandilla de gente bella
es la mejor manera de disfrutar de la ciudad.

siempre fantástica nanita.
nos vemos pronto sí?




-the nocturnes von chopin by claudio arrau

-clear mind
-thinking of not letting your feelings rule before you hurt yourself
-not let the energy go away when dispair comes into the scene
-this sort of smooth equilibrium
that you get after a beautiful day with sauna, yoga, meditation
-all the interesting people that gives you energy and teaches you in munchen
-drawing endurance. mental endurance above all.
-with an invisible pencil above my thoughts.

missing to sing out loud.
this cleaning up by using the voice. the most instictive instrument.
so much.
learning how to control the air. from the lungs, tummy, breast, throath, mouth.
get the perfect tone by controlling the intensity of how you let the air get out of
your system.

mente sana en cuerpo sano.
recover the physical and mental health.

with the nocturnes.
one of the few records i know that
can be more beautiful if listened walking under a huge summer storm.
with the headphones.
at nite.

in madrid.

claudio arrau y sus maraviloso discos para escucharlo con lluvia.
y que se te empapen las zapatillas porque no ves nada y lo unico que quieres
es que las luces de los coches sobre el negro y los charcos y saltar dentro y que las allstars se vuelvan agua
y el piano
y el no llegar nunca al lugar donde has quedado con los demás porque no quieres
que la belleza, íntima, peculiar paisaje urbano y el supuesto islamiento
de lo que me rodea con respecto al mundo real pueda resultar tan sumamente hermosa que no quiero
que se evapore
y pase a ser otra cosa.

por eso siempre llegas tarde cuando tienes los cascos puestos.
porque es imposible que la realidad gane.

viernes, 18 de junio de 2010



"....hey, tengo que ir a buscar a rocco al school bus, es un hombrecito total. Quería escribirte, mandarte besos y decirte que estoy viva y fuerte y que ojalá, ya entrados los 30, encontremos el camino..."


miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

jan & katrin

jan was back from la toscana and katrin was back from istanbul when i took this pic. it was maybe a week or so ago.
when the summer of münchen could still be taken as summer-spring.
i really like them both, theyre lovely people.

martes, 15 de junio de 2010

chris, new director of the tate modern

so this is such a good new. Chris Dercon, a person from whom ive learnt a lot last year working for him, will be
the new director of the tate modern next year in london. chris is still- until spring next year-
the director of haus der kunst,
the place where i worked last year, where i had the chance and luck
to meet him, and specially learn from him from having amazing
conversations about the art scene while organizing tons and tons
of art books. -even though it sounds bizarre-.

but trully chris loves books and loves art. and we worked for ages in his private
archive of art antologies, photography, design, arquitect, magazines, video, fashion
etc amazing books, a whole lot of information. such a gift to be exposed to.
while he loves what he does, his passion is art and how to communicate it.
which is something that many curators forget to do.
assuming art as something utterly comprehensible.
and thats what i like about his approach.
he uses art theory -as a good art theory teacher and intellectual-and uses it
to contextualize his exhibitions in a fun way. with a personal perspective.
Art also can be nicer if hits your understanding.

So i was really happy when i got the news just because he is gonna do an amazing job at the Tate.
A bit of fresh belgian air for Londontown.
Congratulations Chriiiiissss!

These here are some pics i took while working at my last exhibition "So Sorry" in Haus der Kunst with the chinese artist Ai Weiwei.
This one, -among his also super popular exhibitions of Maison Martin Margiela and Gerhard Richter-, was one of the top highlights of the international art museums´ scene in 2009-10.
So, somehow Weiwei was really important for him.
Profesionally and personally.
-"Throwing things away may let new things come" sort of theraphy, anybody?-
Like this moving to the toptoptop league.
He will be leaving Haus der Kunst for the Tate.
Munchen for London.
But still it was a huge pleasure to work with him and learn from him.
I still have my home full of amazing art books he gave me.
Marvellous Chris, all the best for you!
You'll reach London at the perfect timming! ;)

p.s. It would be awesome cool to meet again. Grüsse from another rainy summer.
i miss the books! ;)

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Calle 20 Magazine: "Prague Burlesque"


Calle 20

"Prague Burlesque"

Credits: Text and photography : Florencia Serrot

-plus huge amounts of help and talent from herr schneider. vielen lieben dank detlef ;) -.

first exhibition in germany

a bit of how it looks.
some of the pics that you see here are now hangin on the wall of an old building of münchen. i took this pic when i was getting it all together.

somehow after working for museums and seeing artists work with such huge installations -enormous- the bigger the better, dramaturgia del arte contemporaneo-
i felt that if going back to exhbitions, i just wanted
to do something with my photos that you could have in your room.
try to capture
something familiar-simple-sincere as this visual diary.
anyway, thats a bit of what ive done.
-male aqui puedes verlo-....un poquito por lo menos

i havent done an exhibition with my photos since i was living in the states.
it was an ice that had to broken i suppose.
my father was asking about it on the phone.
it was a nice moment of the day.
-no, im not selling them this time dad, is just an exhibition in an institution,
not a gallery.

and the conversation just went into a different path.

most of the photos are shown were taken with his old camera.
some of them with the camera of my great grandfather.

so i guess he felt happy for it.

and so i did, even though, unfortunately i never made it to the opening.
still. a bit of how it looks for male, all the way downtoargentina.

p.s. Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Tag.
p.s. 2. today wednesday, at nite, we will have the opening of the exhibition of ian kiaer in kunstverein münchen.
nice party. komm vorbei. it is nice working there. i like the atmosphere. and bart, the new director, is really cool and fun.

martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Through the warmest cord of care


im missing my
-family-friends-language-spaces-books-records-vinyls-clothes-home-hidden cafes and clubs -musicians-music-magazines-

so much

so terribly much

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