lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

we love: william eggleston 2 1/4 photo book by twin palm publishers

hi there. sorry the delay, the days off, the not updating and so on. ive been quite busy and my parents were in munich for a visit. i went with them to haus der kunst, the museum i used to work at in munich, and all the remembrance made me quite melancholic. so this is sort of the past coming to the present or how william eggleston came into my life working for haus der kunst in his amazing retrospective exhibition. i love this gentleman's work. if you have lived in the southern part of the states you will understand perfectly his tones, his light, his snapshotpoetry in shape of a-middle-format-photography.
i love it.
and i just remember talking with emily, who came from the whitney museum to take back all the photographs back to ny, she was bent over the photographs, almost her nose at the glass of the copies, looking with this tiny lamp at the photographs, hey emily whats up, is anything wrong with the pieces, are they scratched or something? no, not really. i just love to watch eggleston's pics from this close up. i could spend hours looking at his photos.
i feel the same way about him. this book from twin palm publishers is quite nice done, the deep south americana tones of the light are well respected after the printing press.
the small details are the ones that make the big differences.

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