lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

washed out snow from my window/luz de invierno

white hibernal light, is meant to be so bright like the sun but it isnt. this is how the winter shines in nothern europe, with the white density that reflects at nite in the fields covered with snow of the englischer garten and the ganses sleeping like 3D's black points of dirt hangin out in the middle of a huge sort of fluorescent white field at eleven at nite when we come back home and we preffer the wald/forrest as the city. we love to walk in the forrest of the englischer garten coming back home. stepping on the snow, with the noises and the views, for me still so exotic and really deep i dont think i will be able to handle a winter without the snow anymore.
is so beautiful.
calmes everything.
bright light of the white reflecting surface at nite, thats something i cant get tired of. it makes me feel like gretel. detlef could therefore be hansel.
but no witch around bothering the nice walk going back home. zum glück.

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