domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

the third time

there is always, in rugby games, what is called a third time. After the game, all the gentlemen take a shower, get dressed nicely and have a drink to meet the adversaries. That is the third time - el tercer tiempo- , the one that happens after the game. Girls, family, friends, and the two rival teams forget all the toughness involved in the game. Thats what I call a great solution to all the problems. The third time. Many people, whose fears are greater than fates -as julian says in his 11th dimension song-, should maybe give a chance to things as smart as a third time. And leave all the shit from a rough play under the shower. And confront their rivals. Without fear, without anything that would not let them enjoy the moment.
Anyway, a third time, is the new visual concept im working on, listening to the marvelous remix that aeroplane has done for au revoir simone's "another likely story".
Specially dedicated to all those who tremendously need a fair third time. Peace!

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