domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

guy bourdin für charles jourdan 1970´s

guy bourdin, selfportrait at man ray´s studio -1953-

for a while my mum was completely crazy about the charles jourdan shoes. They were the ones that she used to buy in paris and milano. And the ones that she used to wear, when we were little, for special occasions. Those colorful-beautiful-elegant-leather- high heels. this crazy fascination she had probably had to do with the magnificent work that the french photographer guy bourdin did during the 70´s with its image. The ads of charles jourdan back then were astonishing art pieces, the colours, compositions, the style. They matched gracefully within the pages of the french vogue as the best fashion editorial you could dream with. Anyway, here is a bit of that work that probably fascinated my mum back then. I am as hooked up as my mum, almost 30 years later. Magnifique!

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