miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

la roux live ;)

I think ive heard this track more than a million times this year since january. I´ve got it first from a 4 track sampler that came from one of our trips to London. Well! i can finally enjoy watching La Roux, playing live, despite of the distance. She is a great-talented-artist, one of the few who fortunately, doesnt play any of the "quite common" femenine roles in the music business:"chic-hot-ultrabitch-12 year old diva- hipster dressed up as in carnival-soo cute- indie and boring and intellectual-girlish-copy of somebody else wearing expensive clothes". Lets give a thankful welcome to La Roux, the one that is gonna kick all this folkie bullshit torturing our ears for the last 2 years (with some exceptions of course). La Roux has bravely taken to a present tense a huge list of really great influences - omd, depeche mode, talk talk, a-ha, human league, duran duran-. Amazing bands whose vinyls i`ve been buying for years always at the "1 euro" box because noboby wanted them. Cool Albion: Mission Accomplished. Again.

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