sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

paulina olowska at the pinakothek der moderne

the polish artist paulina olowska in warsow, 2009.

last week i was at the pinakothek der moderne, one of my favorites museums im munchen, and they were installing the exhibition of the polish artist paulina olowska, which is, i must say, one of my favorites of the new generation of contemporary people. She is 33 years old and her collages are just amazing, her lenguage beautiful and poetic. Therefore was quite hard to go through some rooms where the exhibition was being installed and just check out the paintings from the back, just the signature; a bunch of beautiful surprises waiting to be hanged. Fortunately they have a beautiful par of rooms with pieces from Joseph Beuys that took my dissapoinment away! ;). The opening was held yesterday but i really dont like openings. Is nice to go and have a beer and see your friends but the conditions to see the stuff are by far the worse you could imagine. But i am going today or monday. I really like the pinakothek. At the beggining seemed quite messy, this huge building, but now i just go to see a room and then I leave. So here Ive posted some of Paulina´s pieces, from old catalogs, and also from the special that the Suddeutsche Zeitung published yesterday. I really find cool this tradition of giving one special issue every year to one artist, which is also designed together with the person chosen. Even more when the person in question is somebody as special as Paulina, whose language passes perfectly with the idea after it. One special heft, for Paulina. Made by her. A nice weekend´s present.

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