jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

we love: n°2 selfpublished photo book lina scheynius

well, there is one very contradictory thing of working in an editorial agency. i love books and magazines, any printted matter that goes through my hand. but here youre just overloaded with info, all the everything, editions of mags, catalogs from all over the world and themas and supper dupper the best design of the universe. well, honestly i must say that this n°2 book from lina scheynius is one of the few books that i brought to germany. simplicity and honesty doesnt appear to have the need, in this case, of using any other tool related to design than just a fantastic edition of the material and a few words to accompany her own sign by the limited edition. i guess we go back to the basics after the extreme amount of info. less is more. and lina and ed templeton are good examples of "almost nothing but great images book publishing", their style doesnt really need much more. this n°2 from lina came after the nº1 which i also have but is in madrid in a box. also really good. lina is now a very famous photographer, doing editorials for all those fancy mags but with her selfpublished books happens one thing: i dont think i will ever get tired of them. and thats rare.

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