jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

bleigießen: new years eve´s horacle from germany

every country celebrates diferently the beginning of the new year. in spain we eat the 12 grapes, in usa they wait for the clock and the big ball that comes down and e everybody kiss each other. and what do you know about the german´s new year eve? well, there is this custom called bleigießen, which is an horacle that sort of tells you how is the next year going to be. each one chooses a piece of lead- plomo- with the shape they like. and then, you melt it with a candle, the lead becomes liquid, and when is liquid you drop it into a pot with cold water, the metal solidifies in a shape "x", and then everybody guesses what could that shape be. and for each shape you get you get a meaning.
i got a nut, or a hazelnut, or it sort of looked like it.
the meaning of that shape is "Ihre Vorhaben gelingen" : "Your projects succeed".
Well see if it comes true ;)

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