domingo, 2 de enero de 2011

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"you also must learn how to wait. To know how to wait is as important as to know
how to move, you must learn to be patient and wait. But you´ll learn it. It also comes with the time... "
Nana Madge, denia 2008

Happy new year 2011...."just-dance-spin-that-record-babeeee, -tu-tut-uu just dance", a bit of lady gaga, old school madonna, ella fitzgerald, frankie knuckles und many others were played on sylvester at home, -how they call new years eve in bayern-. freues neues Jahr..!
2010 was sort of a nightmare for many people i know, as friend of mine wrote a while ago in a letter "a year to oxigenate the ground, move it, and prepare the soil for planting new seeds for next year. like farmers do, this hard work, where you just learn to be patient, to work on the interior.
reflection time.
gettin´ ready for the action.
which comes in 2011.

so, happy 2011!

for me it was a mixed up year. a lot of energy on working on the interior. on the mind. on meditation. it was like feeling in a middle of an earthquake, where almost all my context had nothing to do with me, but at the same time, to keep calmed. reading a lot the amazing book of Mokusen Miyuki and J. Marvin Spiegelman "Buddhism and Jungian Psychology" and working on the interior. excercises and rutines.
is really hard to start from zero in a new land. but is also positive to distance from everything to feel free to keep going the way your intuition is telling you is the right one. so i guess im staying here in münchen, or better, i have no plans of going back to madrid. my friend rikard björkdahl also moved to new york in 2010. my sister had to be back in madrid after years living in the states. and another friend of mine, maria palacios moved to miami also. many people i know went through big changes this last year. when we met in ny last september with rikard and his girlfriend pratima for a breakfast in brooklyn, was funny to think about how many afternoons we had spent in the past talking about this need of moving abroad we both had while living in madrid. and then...booom.... finally happens.
to move over to a new place means big changes coming into your life: somehow you feel the cycle is over and need another point of development. so all the abstract thoughts are of course sort of idealistic. the settling down is fucking hardcore, i mean, forget it. takes a huge ton of energy to begin from zero but at the same time, it comes back a ton of new energy back from this change. so you better work on yourself deeply and question EVERYTHING you see inside of you and empty your head of thoughts so you can move along much better in this new enviroment and the posibilites that offers and STOP WASTING YOUR ENERGY WONDERING ABOUT THE HOW of the whole process.
think of an everyday update sort of thing with yourself, you just sit and think about nothing, just today, focusing on the NOW, dont let your thoughts bother the concentration over the breath, not the past neither the future, work inside, and the more in silence you come within yourself, the better all develops. otherwise you cant make it. or at least is how it was this 2010 for me. deal with emotions, other peoples emotions, and you are there, in the middle. as these lyrics from bjork sort of say "mon petit vulcan. your eruptions and disasters, i keep calmed admiring your lava. i keep calmed".
starting from zero means that everything is new, your friends, your love , your creative network, your places, routines and goals/accomplishments. and still, you should aproach all these changes quietly.
one of the priorities for the new year is keep on working the interior but with a master, to keep on learning. is very important. the other ones are kept for myself. new years resolutions and things.

"you must learn how to wait" as nana madge once said.
she couldnt have explained it better.

happy new year.

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