jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

hurts: wonderful life

i love this band.
i love this track and even more the remix von arthur baker of this track.
but i just found this video they did before they even were a band, or had a contract with a label. they put an ad in a window in manchester, we need a dancer, come by, dress in black at this time, for recording a videoclip. nobody came at the time supposed. two hours later appear this girl, who shoot the video, did the dance, and left. they didnt take her phone number or anything. she danced and left. time after they signed the deal with a big label, and wanted to reshoot the video of wonderful life, and wanted to have her back in the video, but they couldnt find her.
they said they looked for her, asked people, in manchester is probably not that hard to find somebody, but they couldnt find her. but they are sure, that they will find her again. Someday.

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