miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Frankfurt Book Fair Started. Argentina guest country


im so delighted with the literary suplement of die zeit. the book fair starts, argentina is the guest land and what is argentina without literature, poetry and beautiful men and women? nothing.
therefore a great report on victoria ocampo this literary muse from the 40´s, who edited sur, and took the latinoamerican literature to the whole universe.
another thing, murakami and juan gelman, nominated for the nobel price of literature. i dont know who i like the most, well, deep inside i love murakamis books, but he is much younger than gelman and it would be amazing the he could get the price with his poetry. i remember hearing him at the residencia de estudiantes, a few years ago, reading his poems. i think it was one of the purest, most beautiful minutes, seconds, hours, sensations of my life.
yes, i would love to think that juan gelman could be the winner.
it just would be such a beautiful gift to such an amazing human being and writer.
after all he went throught with the dictadura, his poems, his images are really exquisite. i was very surprised to read his name among the nominees of this year. and of course, this blood thing going on pushes hard the balance: he is also argentino.
therefore, juan gelman first. siiiiii, que gane que alegría sería!!!!
if not, murakami.

so, books for everybody!!!!! and good literature to enjoy! ;)

La gran dama: Victoria Ocampo. A great magazine editora y musa literaria,
viva Sur!
en las fotos, junto a alguno de los escritores que trabajó y a los que hospedaba en su
villa de Buenos Aires cuando estaban en Argentina o con los que se encontraba en Europa.
Con Rabindranath Tagore, y en Paris con Maurice Ravel.
A la derecha entre Borges y Bioy Casares, con un ejemplar de su revista
en una foto de Gisele Freud
Con Andre Malraux y Graham Greene en Baires ;)

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