viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

torino, piamonte italiano.

we were for a few days in turin working for a music label.
and is nice to experiment what their job is from the other side.
felt a bit like a spy, in the search for the perfect cover shoot.
all the actors involved.
the pr.
the director of the label.
the artist.
the mother of the artist.
the photographer.
they all need to get to a common point, which is
never an easy thing to do. but it was such a interesting experience to
do it for other people.
and in turino.
also because it means to take a break and go to another country,
get out of munich, travel by the alps,
switzerland, austria, and get to italy.
lakes, glaciars, waterfalls and all those heidi looking houses at
the hills of the mountains.
i love to work with detlef because we sort of create a small home-office
at the hotels wherever we have to stay, wherever we are.
and the pics are coming out beautiful.
and the always great italian food. ;)

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