domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Annelies Strba

Life if full of good surprises.
Full of new photographers that kick me out with their talent. -Thanks to Chris, thanks to books, thanks to having time, finally after so many years-. And under this sort of search i am at the moment, I´ve found out that i am really into this sort of "normal" photography. Or is how i see my work, realidad cotidiana.
And feel happy when i find causes or people i can relate my personal work to.
Im not into fancy, posed, or pinned up/ static photography.
The one and only photography i love is filled up with tiny bits of plain, cotidiane routine that slashes you with beauty.
Under this so personal view i was lucky enough to find Annelies Strba.
A book in a form of a compilation of a lifetime, filled up with snapshots of family, kids, travels.
I am really impressed by her work.
Hopefully one day my work will get proximate to hers.
I would love to think so, at least.
Deep respect.

About the rest.
All fine.
Suddenly surrounded by beauty. Everywhere i see people i want to take photos of.
Mucha belleza. And i am a bit lazy to write lately.
Is more about images now.
Is more about living than writing. Or at least is how i feel.

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