viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

People we love working with: Tilman Faelker

I found Tilman´s work and wanted to book him straight away. The chance for a comission came by doing a serie for one of our magazines (the first 3 pics you see here) and i loved the result (the palette of colours, the sleek_vintage touch of what he does/clean and few elements but great compositions and conceptions ) and im really looking forward for a new chance to work with him asap. His style works perfectly while remains stimulating and innovative for anything you need (in this case was an energy & bussiness /economics media).  photo korea_zpsb6293d1b.jpg photo usa_zps5700806f.jpg photo arabia_zps8aa97a11.jpg to check out more of his work just click on this last image:  photo Bildschirmfoto2014-07-11um162249_zps4a8f4295.png

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