jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Jury Days _take 1: animation

I love to be part of the jury of the prize YCN Awards, since it allows me to reach a lot of stuff i didn´t know about from all over the world and to flip over :) Thanks to Nick Defty for being so proactive on the creative scene of London and having a great agency i love to work with. Today i was checking the animation category: my very very favs so far: Mr. Ruido´s videoclip for Air Review´s track YOUNG. Katarzuna Kijek für Another Mags/ Phillip Lim piece

Object of desire / Phillip Lim / AnOther Mag from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

Shugo Tokumaru´s Piece: Katachi Joe Donalson piece for Times Magazine

New York Times Modern Love: Under His Misspell from Joe Donaldson on Vimeo.

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