martes, 19 de abril de 2011

coming soon our visual diaries/girls exhibition: in münchen in may!

hi there, im working getting all the pieces together for this exhibition that is happenning the 6th of may in munich. visual diaries/girls is a project based in a personal search i have in young women photographers who show her visual diaries through blogs and personal websites from all over the world. the exhibition will start in munich in may, at the gallerie stephanie bender and will feature the work of some of my contemporary favorite photographers like harley weir, madi ju, skye parrott, nuria rius, helen korpak, agnes thor, sophie van der perre, sara gomes, olga perevalova, manuela de laborde and myself and im am really happy about it. im also working in the publication of a book that will be ready for the exhibition opening with moser verlag. beautiful stuff on it, this is something that has been in my head for so long that now, apart from the waking up at 6 everyday to get all the pieces together and not being able almost to live for any other thing that this exhibition and book is something that makes me extremelly happy.
how do we, young women who use photography as a visual diary see is something that somehow now, and thanks to internet is developing a brand new visual lenguage, subtle, delicate, strong and pure. all together and so special that i love to get involved with all these talented photographers from all over the world, and hope that this idea will develop by itself, as it has done from the very beginning.
münchen, 6th of may opening. all of you will be very welcome at the gallery.

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