miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

first exhibition in germany

a bit of how it looks.
some of the pics that you see here are now hangin on the wall of an old building of münchen. i took this pic when i was getting it all together.

somehow after working for museums and seeing artists work with such huge installations -enormous- the bigger the better, dramaturgia del arte contemporaneo-
i felt that if going back to exhbitions, i just wanted
to do something with my photos that you could have in your room.
try to capture
something familiar-simple-sincere as this visual diary.
anyway, thats a bit of what ive done.
-male aqui puedes verlo-....un poquito por lo menos

i havent done an exhibition with my photos since i was living in the states.
it was an ice that had to broken i suppose.
my father was asking about it on the phone.
it was a nice moment of the day.
-no, im not selling them this time dad, is just an exhibition in an institution,
not a gallery.

and the conversation just went into a different path.

most of the photos are shown were taken with his old camera.
some of them with the camera of my great grandfather.

so i guess he felt happy for it.

and so i did, even though, unfortunately i never made it to the opening.
still. a bit of how it looks for male, all the way downtoargentina.

p.s. Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Tag.
p.s. 2. today wednesday, at nite, we will have the opening of the exhibition of ian kiaer in kunstverein münchen.
nice party. komm vorbei. it is nice working there. i like the atmosphere. and bart, the new director, is really cool and fun.

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