lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

small guide to munich: granno

Sometimes i wonder why life has brought me to Munich. I really do. The fact of being here relies in a bounch of coincidences piled up together: i didnt know the city before i arrived, i downloaded the uncorrect document that i had to download in order to get the position i was looking for, my german was in quite a miserable state after years of not finding anybody to practise it with and my tolerance towards cold is not what it was when i was a teenager. Auf jedenfall, I am here. And will be staying until life takes me somewhere else i suppose. But i dont do ask myself too many questions anymore. Because it doesnt really take me anywhere. Sometimes this points of clarity appear by themselves, i listen to them quite carefully, but after all life develops by itself within its own rythm, steps and times. You cant do anything about it. I must say that Munchen then was a complete surprise, and what i found here, more. Is sort of hard to say how positive a change like this may be but i guess is all for good.
Now it looks beautiful with the snow, this sort of small sized Saint Petersburg, with the white taking away the possible disturbing noises. And is so strange when you are almost awake and can hear by the windows this noise that come from horses´ coaches, this tingle, tiny bells on the top of the horses´s head, pulling coaches with people. And there is a Christmas coach where they play music with accordeons inside and drink gluhwine, this hot-cinnamon-wine that is what you here drink in the christmas markets in the streets. A beautiful scene is really, when at nite, you pass them with the bike across the main field of the Englischer Garden. You cant see nothing but the tiny candles, trembling spots of light, in this deep darkness and the noise of the tiny bells cuddling your ears.
A jump in time. Feels quite scandinavian.
Ive always been old fashioned anyway, so i guess this city suits me.
Here, in this little visual tour that starts today you find the Granno, one of my main spots to hang out and eat something before we go out.

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