jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

completely in love with monopol

there is this amazing magazine in germany called monopol, which i didnt know at all and to which i´m completelly hooked up to at the moment. They have many old numbers at what is left from the museum´s library (which is more or less the entrance of my house because the rest-it was huge- has been taken over to the akademie´s library). Until now, on my free time, i´ve been mainly reading and checking out all this AAAMAZIIING art magazines they publish extremelly well here in deutschland like art, artinvestor, kunstermine, parkett apart from the american/english ones that i knew already like art forum, -love all the adds of the galleries: extremelly creative graphic work the one that sells art!-.
Among the people that really have blown my mind with new staff stands out this artist called Robin Rhode, who lives in berlin but comes from south africa, and this incredible piece called Hard Rain, where he mixes photography and painting. Love it!

Today after work i have an opening here: löhringer 13 , a new media and kunst center, and tomorrow there will be a party to celebrate easter in the garden of a really nice girl ive met the other day. So now that i am getting more adjusted to the lovely München and that found out that i reeeeeally like it(people, scene+ galleries full of talented folks and creative atmosphere), time to enjoy social life has finally come! ; )

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