lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

Elegant Bedouin Young Man @Serabit el-Jadim , Sinai Dessert_Egypt

a few years ago, crossing the dessert of sinai, we found with our jeeps, this Kid walking alone through the dessert. He was alone, had been walking for 2 days and was going back to his family´s shed. We picked him up and took him along. He knew where the water was in the dessert, and could be on his own, for days. I was impressed by his elegance. His blue thobe, his Keffiyeh covering his head. His nomadic lifestyle. The way the wind played with his outfit. The marvellous Skin tone matching the blue, the sun, the sand. Such a Beautiful Creature.  photo beduinonin3030ojeep_zps036c174f.jpg

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