miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Our Visual Diaries/ Girls Photo Exhibition now at Städtische Galerie Bietgheim- Bissingen

our photo exhibition Visual Diaries / Girls is right now @ the Städtische Galerie Bietgheim- Bissingen, as part of the „Von Tagebuch bis weblog. Tägliche Strategien in der Gegenwartskunst“ exhibition (from October to February ) which is a great expo on the portrait of daily life in contemporary art. Our expo is part of it as an installation among the work of other artists like hanne darboven or on kawara , and really was a suprise to see how the curator have really worked the visual diaries topic in contemporary art.loved to see how many dif. conceptions of contemporay diaries have so many people been working on, each one with its own style. felt at home! :)  photo 16b6c6e5-567c-4897-8cc5-41a0771fa036_zpsedb948cf.jpg  photo visual4Bildschirmfoto2013-11-13um190408_zpsfe8c0dac.jpg photo d51554bf-5dad-4312-8082-6f25b38a1c81_zpsbbb7dbe5.jpg  photo visualBildschirmfoto2013-11-13um190050_zps0f8e2d03.jpg  photo 1_P1050463_zps6e039b9c.jpg

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