viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

@ Walter Storms Gallerie München/ Detlef Schneider´s Film for Des Artistes

Back to Munich the works piles up, but after the italian break with la familia all seems to be fiiineee. one of the reasons we shortened our italian days was this abend @ Walter Storms Gallerie to present the last film Detlef -talented photographer & filmer, and also my boyfriend- has done for Des Artistes. Behind Des Artistes are our beloved friends Frederick and Polly Bäumler and the idea ist folgendes: t-shirts that are used by artists as a canvas. Some artists that have already collaborated with des artistes: Ai Weiwei, Edward Mapplethorpe / Patti Smith, Zhou Brothers, Helga Baümler, Carrie Marill, Carol Joost and Rupert Geiger among many others -btw, from this new collection i really love the tee with Geiger´s work! with those super flashy_ bright_amaaazing colours-. As well part of the sales of Des Artistes go to charity. To present its upcoming collection Des Artistes worked with Detlef and his team in a film featuring the classical ballet dancers Lucia Lacarra -Prima Ballerina of the Bayerisches Staatsballet- and her husband, the also dancer Marlon Dino. A beautiful and talented couple. So...It really was a marvellous reason to come back to Munich, a night where art, fashion and ballet hanged out together in a lovely evening. Big Thanks to Polly and Frederick for such a nice night, and bravo to Detlef since the film is so amazinggg! ;) Des Artistes will be featured pretty soon in VOLTA since is a idea we deeply love since we know it which is a while but we take things with calm! ;)  photo detlef_schneider_des_artistes_walter_storms_gallerie1a_zps8152c908.jpg  photo detlef_schneider_des_artistes_walter_storms_gallerie5a_zpsc2238182.jpg  photo detlef_schneider_des_artistes_walter_storms_gallerie3a_zps3ce38898.jpg  photo detlef_schneider_des_artistes_walter_storms_gallerie4a_zpsb60ead25.jpg  photo detlef_schneider_des_artistes_walter_storms_gallerie2a_zps4c3079ab.jpg more about Des Artistes : Des Artistes is an eco-conscious line of conceptual tees featuring work from notable and emerging contemporary artists. The t-shirt works as a canvas to inspire and explore the human spirit. Des Artistes reflects a creative mindset that is fueled by art, showcasing artists from a range of backgrounds, genres, ages and cultures to carry on the brand's ongoing evolution. Every artist is acknowledged on every tee, rightfully so. Des Artistes strives to us the finest organic and sustainable fabrics in combination with super low-impact water-based inks. The aim is to make awareness with real art that inspires. To that end, a portion of sales will benefit a different charitable cause each season.

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