martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

My great grandpa´s Lugagge _Following the Roots

Photobucket This is the suitcase that my great grandpa Enrique Holt used to take with for his travels around Europe. We got it back in one of my dad´s latest travel to Argentina, where our family lives. I have a big traveller´s family, from both my mums -more italian rooted- and my dad´s -german/english/southernfrench-. This beautiful treasure still has the hotel tags and stickers that he got while staying in the diferent hotels back when travelling was a big thing. I want to go to all these hotels -at least the ones that still exist- before i die, to follow the roots of a traveller family.
 Many important things have happened in hotels in my family.
We are nomads.
These are  some of the hotels i have to go following the roots of the golden age of travel of my dad´s family :


le grand hotel of paris 
the burnier hotel in osorio , chile , which doesnt exist as a hotel anymore, but the building is still there.


  the park lane hotel in london 


the grand excelsior in sorrento, italy

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