miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

Jeremy_Starlite Diner_ Little Rock

Photobucket the starlite diner was the most amazing spot the small city of little rock had. like you could go there, have tons of coffee for nothing- wattery coffee, but the waitresses were so nice, how ´re you doing today missy? and sit with friends for hours, have somethin to eat, enjoy the neon and the wood, the red and blue everywhere and have sort of a break from the rest of the world. now is all changed. somebody bought it, changed the interior, new personal, and the food is now a bunch of grease. so is really really sad. places like starlite diner were an institution in cities like little rock. for all kind of age sectors. the youngster crowd could hang out with the older guys and all seemed to fit perfectly together in this tiny + unique universe.

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