miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

our talk with chris dercon about books is out in kaleidoscope

i used to work with chris dercon before he moved to london to take the direction of the tate modern and we spend a lot of time together between books, talks about magazines and amazing catalogs in his private archive. so i always thought that i wanted to have a talk with him and give it a published shape about this amazing moment we are living between the paper and digital publication and also the conversation was an attempt to reflect his personal collection and book choices since people is what they read and wanted to portrait chris more from the intellectual perspective than the public persona.
the talk has been published in the fantastic italian magazine kaleidoscope, which is also something very special. i wanted to thank cristina travaglini and giovanni majer from kaleidoscope for their help and also jennifer bailey from tate for their quick response in a holiday timming and paul geddis for his aditional perspective. most of all i wanted to thank chris for his time and amazing energy.

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