sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

we love the videos of Marshall McLuhan

Photobucketwhile studying journalism (which is something i did) you must read this communication´s theorist called McLuhan and his books. Specially famous is his "The Medium Is The Message". It was a pity that the teachers never suggested to check the available video material of his thoughts recorded - with this irresistible 60´s b&w TV´s look that make the message even cooler now-. McLuhan was a professor and theorist and i bet that his classes were lots of fun.
never mind if you are a journalist or not, if you use Internet and therefore you are reading this, you may completely agree with his way of thinking. His perspective over the end of the printed media -as it was understood before the appearance of the TV and radio- and his predictions about the future completely match the how we conceive the world now. Cool canadian cat this McLuhan - with also a great style!
McLuhan predicts the "world connectivity" 1965

the world is a global village: 1960

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