martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

alex dunstan by detlef schneider for feld homme magazine

this is a tiny bit of one of the videos i´ve been shooting in barcelona. we just had such and amazing time and material. the model: alex dunstan, the coolest cat in london- he is amazing, amazing, a mix of james dean, a lord from devon and a hip art student from south london?, hes gonna be huge-, the photographer, detlef schneider, the stylist, isabelle thiry, and is a really nice job for the german feld hommes magazine. the videos were filmed by adam rankin and myself. i have to start now to work on this raw material- like this tiny bit im showing you, they are probably gonna kill me...- but is gonna be amazing... sorry the delay of the updating, im now back in munich and probably will be easier to find time to show you new work. but it was cool to be in barcelona. we brought back nice images, cool videos and was lovely to work in such a nice team and atmosphere for the shootings. im really happy.

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