viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

little treats

-a stone i bought yesterday coming back home with the shopping, from the kids´ market. a "smiley stone". 100 % pure. es passt really well with a colorful bouquet of dahlien.
-my new veja sneakers. they come from brazil, in white, with the golden v in linnen. beautiful.
-die Kräuter Butter. I love this shit to spread it over the fresh-yummy german bread in the morning. Those amazing loafs just baked, dark, mmmm. Voll lecker.
-aperol in a "spritz": aperol with prosecco. instead of beer, - even though i really like the weizen/dunkelweizen Bier if i have to drink it-, i love to drink ein Spritz. really powerful the brightness of the orange, from the aperol.
-the N.Y. calls and the beautiful pics in the email. tiny surprises.
-to read the Süddeutsche Zeitung every friday morning, while everybody else, the rest of the world, is working or with a terrible hangover. The huge pages spread on the kitchen table with a coffee.
-my new house in Schwabing. one more time, moving in and out. i feel like a turttle. with one case for the clothes, one case for the papers/books/notebooks/negatives: work.
-the quick flights to Madrid under the excuse of work.
-the radio dept and its amazing "pet grief". puff, so beautiful, im hooked up. ;), also "world of its own" from Tingsek and finally the song "dance, dance, dance" by lykke li has been for days the first i hear in the morning, just awake.

El lunes nos vemos, alles liebe aus München,

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