miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

amused by routine

im finding out why im here. the reason. the sense of all this.
something i couldnt exactly imagine a few weeks ago, not even in dreams.
what is the purpouse of this city, this museum, this books, this director.
the necessity of updating knowledge = taking care of the body by giving food to the brain.
this combination of both and its propper measure is giving me a peaceful balance.
put order in your body and your brain and the world seems to be a much better place.
all this is possible with the huge help of a maestro of course because you always need, in crucial moments of your life, somebody to give you the right directions based on experience.
all this is translated in a routine based on a daily dosis of limited editions of amazing books by incredible artists from contemporary art, photography, fashion, design, theory, architecture, film.
i feel extremelly luky for being able to check out all this work from artists like the incredible ari marcopoulos and books he did with the beastie boys, his work with snowboarders, his book about his small "momentos cotidianos".
impossible pieces to find in any book shop.
some of them havent even been published!

all this access to endless information.
so important. so necessary.
a private archive of more than 70,000 books+ magazines.
30 years of experience, a whole life.

i can breath deeply now, here in this tiny spot of nothern europe surrounded by forrest and rain and calm, and enjoy the incredible chance of filling up the hours getting back in shape. mentally physically emotionally.
at long last. endlich.

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