martes, 17 de julio de 2007

ana is back in madrid

ana is a friend of mine. a great agitadora cultural. she is back in town after living in lisboa. she is now directing masters of graphic design. we were talking yesterday about finding the right people for a phd. of "graphic design & music". i felt excited with the idea. many parties to come, good exhibitions and things that we can start putting up together. after a few beers and all the things we were talking about my head felt like an aspirin . efervescente. with many bubbles and ideas running through my brain. i love that sensation.

i talked with steve morell from berlin yesterday. he is another full of energy person. i must digest the conversation though, and of course, go to berlin in august. can´t wait.
all is full of music and i can´t wait to send the stuff to get the scandals remix.

so the day was excellent.

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